Another End of Times prediction is about to happen…or not. We will have to wait and see if this is The One. I am not holding my breath.  Mostly because I need to breath to live and also, if the world does end on Saturday at 6PM, presumably Eastern Standard Time, what will two lungs full of oxygen really do to help the situation?

If I could get to choose my apocalypse, I would gladly pick the Zombie Apocalypse option.  As farfetched as it sounds, not to mention impossible, it is the one I’d like to try to survive in.  Am I nuts? Maybe. But the CDC posted something on the subject.

Back to prediction of our imminent global end game: Many have tried through the centuries to predict the end of humanity. And so far, it has been a 100% failure rate. Consider this. Someone only has to get it right once to win. I am not sure what the cosmic prize would be. It better be something more than what you would win if you correctly predicted the amount of jelly beans in a jar at some fair. If everything and everyone is gone; what could possibly be a good prize?

Well I guess this is a good time to take stock of what I have accomplished up to now.

–          I have a wife and 3 kids that I absolutely love.  

–          I have a roof over my head.

–          I have a full time job teaching at Algonquin College (They pay me to draw and teach about drawing! How cool is that!).

–          I  self-published a book The Art of Richtoon

–          I just started this webcomic.

–          I’ve read the Zombie Survival Guide (I am ready).

So far, life has been good. It would be a shame to stop it now.