I am about to do something a bit foolish. I am going to the Calgary Comic Con in June. Why is this foolish? Well I was hoping to start with a closer venue. But so far, this has been the closest in terms of the timing. I know only of one person in Calgary. And to make things even funnier, no one really knows about this website yet. So it is a bit of a futile journey. I am not expecting to sell out of anything at this stage… But I do want to experience an event like Calgary. And it is very exciting!

I have self published a book: The Art of Richtoon. It is a book of my art before the creation of Space Pest Removal. There might be a few aliens and robots that I might end up reusing in the strip events… but honestly…this is all pre-SPR Stuff.

My goal in Calgary is to raise awareness of this webcomic, Try to sell my book over there in the hopes that it, plus maybe a few extra goodies if I can get iot all organized, and get my How to Make Webcomics sign by Scott Kurts, Kris Straub and Dave Kellet (3 of the 4 webcomics horsmen). They are a huge reason why I finally decided to make this webcomic.

If I can hit those 3 point with some additional networking, I will be crazy happy with the whole experience. I am willing to go there and take a loss this time simply because I want the experience.

So If you are reading this, and are planning to be at the Calgary Comicon, let me know! I would love to see a familiar face.

I also plan to take pictures and post stuff over here.

That’s about it for now.

I want to encourage you all to comment on the site as well.

Expect the next strip first thing tomorrow!