I am hoping to squeeze a booth into an arts and craft event called Ravenswing http://www.ravenswingottawa.com/ this weekend. It is a “fun, family-friendly event [that]showcases a variety of local artisans and writers and features independent musicians and skill-sharing workshops.”

I am still more artist than business guy, and didn’t quite make the connection that as a self-publisher and a very new webcomic guy, this would be a great opportunity. I am waiting on final confirmation. But I think it’s looking good. Either way, I am going to check it out with the family. It looks like a lot of fun and a lot of my students will be there. IF you happen to be in Ottawa, I hope you will check it out as well.


I am looking forward to May 12 2012. Not only to find out if we are still around – I’ve lost count of the doomsday dates between now and then – But I am looking forward to what this comic will look like as I get into more of a rhythm. Will the writing get better? Will the artwork get slicker? Will this be as good as it gets? I am simply excited about all of these questions.

Because …
1. I honestly don’t know the answers.
2. I really want to reach that first milestone and have the ability to compare.

I am also excited to see Strad and Pelet develop as characters. They kind of feel interchangeable as far as personalities go at this stage. I think that will also change with time. Sort of like how the first few episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation, the characters were… em… not what they were for pretty much the rest of the entire series. I hope that this is a similar case with SPR.
Hope you’ll follow along through SPR’s growing pains.

At the very least, I am enjoying myself immensely with this webcomic.