There are essentially 2 parts to this story: The rain and the sun.
I got there early and was allowed to setup my table- which was great news. It was cloudy but everything pointed to a non-rain day. I started to setup our table with my daughter Sarah. Once we assembled the table and unpacked the van, it started to rain. We didn’t have anything to cover our outside booth with anything except a couple of plastic sheets. We covered our books and posters as best we could and waited. It looked very bleak. I was considering going back home. My wife Chantal and my other twin daughter, Christine came with a change of clothing and some garbage bags to better protect our products. That’s when I discovered that some of the water got under 2 of our boxes. One of which had my posters.

Laura Mitchell and her boyfriend (his name escapes me at the moment….so sorry!), from a neighbouring booth from across walked over and offered to share their display tent to get us out of the rain and allow us to display our products. We were so grateful! We towelled down, and, moved everything in the tent. It was a bit snug but it was great.

About an hour later, the sun came out and so did the people. I got a lot of compliments on the posters and the book. I made a couple of sales and a few contacts as well. I also got a chance to see all of the booths to see what the prince range was and how they displayed their stuff. I learned a lot that day. The music was really good and the food was great. It was also a lot of fun to hang out with my family and meet everyone.

I am now looking forward to Calgary more than ever.