Basically, it was a great experience! My goal was a simple one: To make enough sales to cover the cost and expenses of the trip to Calgary.

I am pleased to announce that I made a bit more than that! So on that front, it was a huge success. I sold a few books and lots of posters. The biggest seller for me was the Shaun of the Dead poster. I made an 11 x 17 version of the poster and they sold like hot cakes.

This very nice couple was the first book purchase of the event. I was so nervous that no one would bother with an unknown Ottawa guy’s “art of” book. Once the first book was sold, I felt confident that I would sell more.

First Calgary book Sale

First Calgary book Sale


Another highlight was when a gentleman bought my book and 3 posters all at once! That was really amazing. I sold out of the Shaun of the Dead Posters every day but Sunday. I kept having to run to a Staples to get extra copies.

The people were very nice and complimentary. One person told me that the Shaun of the Dead was the hidden gem of the Con!
The costumes were, as you would expect, excellent. I was too busy to take my own pictures but this link will show you the bulk of the costumes.
For me, the best costume was this guy: steampunk wheel chair from the “Wild Wild West” movie had a bunch of rotating gizmos and steam coming out of a mini chimney. It was amazing.

I met this wonderful young woman from Toronto, Jenn, who was a real pro in terms of optimizing sales. Her setup was eye catching, and it seemed that people were buying from her non-stop. I learnt a lot from her. If I go back next year (very tempted to go back), I know what I need to bring and produce and showcase.

I also got to meet Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett and Kris Straub from They really liked my art! I got to thank them for contributing so much to the world of webcomics.

That’s about all I can say on my trip. It was fantastic.