This is something that I have to work on. I’m notoriously bad at frequent posting. What can I possibly have to say that might be entertaining enough to post? I don’t know.

I have a nice little routine down for the summer:
Light house work in the morning.
Work on SPR or other art projects
Family time or work on SPR

I can’t possibly post this everyday. That would really be depressing.

Goals: Work on the writing of the webcomic. Still in the works. I’ve got lots to learn on that side of things.

It’s odd; my family thinks I am really funny. I make them laugh all of the time at the supper table. I am talking milk through the nose funny. Once, it was cheerios!! Eww

I’ve realized that a lot of the funny things that I say are built around years of inside jokes between the five of us and can’t easily translate to the Sci-fi world of SPR. Too bad: That would greatly help with my writing.

I am in this for a while. So I figure that as the characters mature -and hopefully my writing as well-, we’ll start to see the odd nugget of comedic gold.

For the handful of you that are sitting through this awkward growth process that is a webcomic, I thank you! I hope that the payoff for you will be better and better material in the future. For the time being, I am having a lot of fun exploring this medium and the characters. Let’s see what happens next.