An incredible thing has happened to me lately: I get to try out an IPad 2 for one week.  I was talking to some friends of mine during a sketch night about possibly buying an iPad 2 or holding out for the possible iPad 3 that is rumored to have an HD resolution screen. Vanessa offered to lend me hers up until the next Sketchnight. That was truly very generous of her to do that. Thanks Vanessa!

So here is the thing: I already own an iPhone 4. Most of the things that the IPad can do; I can do on the iPhone.

The size of the screen is appealing for reading web comics and ebook and movies… But… It is kinda crappy to draw on. Working on Wacom Cintiq and then trying an iPad is a serious step back. There is no pressure sensitivity, no big drawing apps, the resolution is not great and daring with a tablet stylus is frustrating.

Drawing on an iPad would be by far the primary reason why I would purchase an iPad. So far, I am not sold on the idea.

Here is an example of a drawing of straddle that I drew
on the iPad. You can really see the difference between  what I can do with an iPad and my regular

After a little bit more fooling around with Sketchbook Lite App, It looks a little more hopeful. as seen by this example. But the lack of line width and pressure is still disconcerting.

I had this fantasy of lugging the light iPad to sketch and doodle everywhere I could get away with it. Maybe even get a little bit ahead on SPR. I just don’t know if it is worth it.

I want (and can) buy an IPad.

But do I honestly need one?