Today’s earthquake got me thinking about previous earthquake experiences. We were lucky up here: the quake was all but a faint tremor this far north of the border. Ottawa, Canada had it easy.

But about a year ago, we got a shaky one! It measured a Magnitude 5.0. I happened to be in the dentist chair at the time. Thankfully, there was no drilling at the moment of the quake. I was simply getting my teeth cleaned.  As the shaking started, the hygienist stopped what she was doing and looked around. I sat up a little as well. As the shakes grew bigger, I stood up next to her and we just stared at each other.

Then it kicked up another notch. Alarms were going off. Shouts could be heard all over the mall. My fight or flight instincts punched in. I was just about to run out of there without paying. I guess that doesn’t make any difference since they know where I live. But I wanted to get home and check on my kids and make sure everything was alright…. it all stopped. Just like that. Like nothing ever happened.

I told her I had to get home right away. She of course understood.

I now know what an evacuating shopping mall looks like: not pretty and slow. All I kept thinking about were the huge slabs of concrete above my head in the middle of the levelled parking lot.

I got home to freaked out kids. No damage on the house. whew!

All in all it was an experience. The social media went on overload as it always does during things like that.

That’s all I have to say about that.