Earlier this week, my webcomic got reviewed on a podcast on Digital Strips. You can check it out here:  http://www.digitalstrips.com/2011/08/digital-strips-podcast-255-horizons-watch-space-pest-removal-and-power-nap-looney-tunes-is-racist-and-we-love-it-anyways.html

This is my first ever review! It was on a segment they call Horizon Watch where they take a look at promising new webcomics. SpacePestRemoval definitively fits in that category.

They generally liked the artwork and the colour. Calling it reminiscent of old school Saturday morning cartoon… I’ll take that.

But there is a lot to work on, as far as the guys are doing the podcasts are concerned.  And you know what?  They are right. This is a young webcomic. I am literally learning as I go.  I’ve been focusing on some elements here and there….but not a lot of the big picture stuff… like pacing, stories and better jokes.

I have a bad habit of not developing the characters – just having fun with the process more than anything else: the process of building the comic itself.  I am going to ease in more distinct personalities in the coming months.  Change is coming.

One of their crits was that the psets all looked the same. I initially wanted to separate sentient aliens from the alien pests by giving the pests “the black eyeballs” to make them feel more animal or bug-ish. That definitively backfired so I’m gonna change that for sure. I am actually changing some of the strips I’ve already finished.

The next big thing to change was pacing. That I just don’t know how to change yet within the chosen format of
the “long form” full page. I think this is the thing that is going to take me the most time to sort out.

The real biggy is the story…. It needs work.  I know it.  And a story arc is being developed that will add a bit of intrigue, conflict and with a bit
of luck, some interest.

One thing that gives me lots of hope is that all webcomic pundits agree on one thing: webcomics tend to grow and mature over time.  As the creator of this little project, that inspires me to press on and see where this will all go.

I want to have an all ages feel.  So that frames things a certain way. But I welcome the challenge.