I’ve always been amazed that we have animals on this planet that glows in the dark. It almost seems alien, right?

When I was a kid, I would love to spend an evening chasing and collecting fireflies. Hours could roll by and it would feel like minutes. Of course, I’d have the jar with some tiny holes punched through the lid. I’d carefully decorate it with blades of grass and some twigs. There shouldn’t be too much otherwise the fireflies would hide. And then the adventure would start. Waiting for the first firefly to appear. Then chasing them. It was so much fun.

If I was lucky, I would catch more than 10.  Then I’d set the jar on my night stand and watch what looked like a miniature lightning storm flash portions of my bedroom into view. To me, that was magical.

I would also would dutifully set them free first thing in the morning. If one would die that night I would be crushed, vow never to trap a bug again.

But night would fall again, and…well…they glow in the dark! How cool is that?