I got back home late last night. This explains for the unsuaual delay with the strip today. Got home and crashed as soon as we unpacked the van.

The Montreal Comic Con experience was overall very good. I got to meet Alberto Ruiz and Laurie B. That was great.

Getting there was a bit freaky with the construction on the roads.  At one point, the pavement changed consistancy and made the car whistle… well… more like the sound of a jet engine reving up before take off. We thought for sure that the van was damaged.

The “Quality” Inn was under renovations and in a sketchy part of town. A man urinating on the hotel’s front wall was a bit of a bad sign. Once we got past the unpainted entrance, elevator and hallway, it got better. The room was nice and tidy.

I got to spend some time with my oldest daughter, Catherine. She was a real trooper. And I think we sold more stuff when she was manning the booth. 🙂

Once at the Con and all setup, I got an opportunity to talk to hundreds of people over a period of two days. Everyone was very nice and complementary towards my work. I even sold a few posters and books! My goal was to cover the cost of the prints, the hotel and other expences from the trip. I am happy to say that was not even a problem.

Overall it was a great experience. If any of you Montreal Comic Con Peeps have checked out Space Pest Removal, please make sure to leave a comment! Would love to know what you think!