There is nothing scarier than one’s own imagination when it is dark. Whether outside or in your bed, your mind can come up with some crazy stuff to keep you awake for hours.  As a kid, I used to think that snakes would invade my bedroom. And the familiar toys and furniture would turn into ominous silhouette when the lights were out.

This surely has to do with some latent survival instinct and all of that, but, in a way, it was a kind of magic through my young eyes. The rules of the worked would change in the dark. Monsters could live in the closet or under the bed with the added property of dark. It made sense to me as a child.

Sometimes, you can slip into that mindset if you are tired, just watched a scary movie and are convinced that there is someone else (or something else) in the house. The feeling fades quickly as my more mature faculties see my environment. But it is a fun ride. An express route back to childhood.

I remember being weirded out by the odd noises that our new house made when we moved in. During the day at high winds, I would hear something that sounded like someone practicing their scales on a flute. It turns out that it has something to do with the chimney. But late at night, strange creeks and cracks would occur as the house settled. These foreign noises to my ears, sounded like a thief going through the house. Welcome back, childhood fears!

With all of these experiences, the best part is when you realize that the fear is unfounded. You feel silly for sneaking around with the lamest weapon possible like a bottle of scope or a plastic toy bat. I get a kick out of that part.