My students had an opportunity to chat and speak with Character Designer, Stephen Silver tonight through the magic of Skype.  I find these guest lecturers truly inspirational and a guaranteed motivational booster for students.

Stephen Silver’s down to earth demeanour and real world life experiences are proof positive that if you want something in life, it’s up to you to do it. And that is such an important lesson that many of us have to hear over and over again from many different people throughout our entire life.

Stephen Silver’s drive to learn, to improve and to live is contagious. He has a healthy outlook on life.

As a teacher, it was encouraging to hear how similar our philosophies regarding what we all need to learn as artists, are.  I am more certain than ever that we are preparing our students as best as we can.

As a life-long-never-stop student of drawing, it was reassuring to hear someone as established, respected and quite frankly someone I look up to with great admiration, still considers himself a student of life. He is someone who thirsts for more knowledge in drawing, film, salesmanship, marketing, licensing, and painting.  He will try everything and anything in order
to improve as an artist. How can you not admire that?

I want to go draw now!