Last night I had the opportunity to go see the movie, World War Z.

I have read the book of the same name by Max Brooks. I love that book. I also have the audio book that is an abridged version with lots of actors and Max Brooks in various speaking roles. It is a great read. It is a bunch of stories from many characters from around the world as they try to cope with a zombie apocalypse. It is one of my favorite zombie books of all time. I don’t want to say too much in case you ever decide to read it.

That said, I had some serious concerns about the movie. First of all, the event known as World War Z spans the entire globe over the period of many years. I thought that would be problematic in a two hour flic. Then I heard of all of the rewrites that occurred and the delays that followed, with an apparent significant re-shoot. That doesn’t usually bode well.

And then I saw the trailer. That was heart breaking. The zombies not acting at all like zombies. It just looked awful. Enough that I made a parody commercial about it here. 

But I did want to see it. And so I did.

My only real critique, in all honesty is that they change the title. There were maybe two scenes in the whole thing that could be directly linked to the original material. And the rest honestly comes off as loose interpretations at best. Switch the title and… you know what? It’s not a bad film.  I walked in that theater with an open mind a hope that I was not wasting my money. And I was entertained. I prefer the book! But still a good movie.

I think if the powers that be had the goal of closely following the true story of World War Z, I think it would have played a lot better as a TV show. It could have been handled with a lot more scope and variety of actors, a parade of guest actors who would do a vignette or two, maybe with some editing at the end of the series, by revisiting the stories so that everything could be tied up in a neat little bow. I saw WWZ  like a Love Boat or more aptly, a Twilight Zone show. where one main character visits all the other characters, and get lots of flashbacks.  It could have stretched out some of the concepts and even added some new ones- the same way The Walking Dead strays from the path in the graphic Novel series.

That’s my two cents.