I thought I would share some random images from various Comic Cons and Fan Expos and other events that I participated in as a vendor over the past few years. I am notoriously bad at taking pictures during the events and even worse at posting the few that I do take in a timely fashion. So these are a bit of a mish-mash of photos from all over the place. Mostly from the Ottawa Comic Con, Toronto Fan Expo, and Montreal Comic Con.

I guess one of the reasons that I don’t take so many is because some idiot stole my iPhone at the Montreal Comic Con last year. I became fearful of having it swiped again.

But at any rate, here are some pictures.

It is really awesome when someone dressed up as the fan art in some of my prints buy them. It’s very cool. Maybe someday someone will show up as Strad or Pelet? That would blow my mind.

Photo 2012-08-23 5 32 01 PM Photo 2012-08-24 5 59 54 PM Photo 2012-05-13 2 41 16 PM Photo 2012-09-14 7 37 58 PM Photo 2012-09-16 2 42 56 PM Photo 2013-03-09 2 00 51 PM (1) Photo 2013-04-20 3 55 02 PM Photo 2013-05-10 4 21 08 PM Photo 2013-05-10 7 52 20 PM Photo 2013-05-11 10 04 33 AM Photo 2013-05-11 9 05 22 AM