I hope that you are enjoying this new direction with SPR. I am going to do some changes with more story driven stuff in the next few weeks. Stuff will happen instead of just gags. I am particularly happy with today’s strip.  I like the funky underlit colours that are going on. It shows that there are going to be more danger in the immediate future of Strad and Pelet. What happened to Vathan? What about the others?  Really excited about all of this.

Panel 2013-07-31-SPR0000369

I am also looking into doing a few other tweaks to the website. Make it look a bit more polished and streamlined. John Wigger of http://www.zombieroomie.com/ and Jack Slade of http://scaredemy.com/ have been helping me out with this. So I wanted tothank them publicly for their input.

I will also look into a possible name change for the comic. It is still in the works but. It is not a far stretch from Space Pest Removal… it will just be easier to say and tell people about. I’ll do the reveal when it is all setup.

I also have a contest coming up as well that I am really excited about. I hope that you will participate in this one. If all goes to plan, I will have something in a post by the end of this week.

These are exciting times here at Space Pest Removal.