So! I haven’t been posting lately. My apologies. I do want to thank you for sticking it out with just the webcomic. I hope that you are enjoying this story line.

I haven’t been posting for two reasons: One, I am back at the college teaching drawing. I am trying a new system where I will meet each of my 120 students in 10-15 minute intervals during my office hours. So that leave very little time to be social on the web. And instead of going home to collapse in from of the TV, or surfing the net, I have been prepping for reason number TWO: The Montreal Comic Con.

Most of the setup is still packed and ready to go from Toronto FanExpo. But I sold out of quite a few prints. I always feel that I should have french posters for the price list. And just general prep and packing… I am 90% done and will be on the road tomorrow morning.

Do not fret! SPR comics will still be posting on time. I’ll try to post stuff if I can.

Thanks again for visiting.