Yesterday was an awesome day. Why? Because the day before, I drew a Guest Comic for Chris Grady’s excellent comic You can see the guest comic here: . Chris was really happy with the results. And I got to meet some new people on the interwebs out of it.

If you are new to SPRcomics by way of the guest comic, welcome! Thanks for visiting.

A special thanks to Mark Stokes of for some really good tips in a recent Skype conversation.

I am also tinkering with advertising through Project Wonderful. Do you have suggestions for a like-minded but WAY more popular web comic that would be a good fit?

Today’s SPRcomic is all about the neglected details that would have been helpful for poor Strad and Pellet. Two car wrecks one after the other. Maybe there will be more personal growth than their black eyes this time. Who knows?

Thanks again for reading.