Yesterday, I participated in a live streaming event from the Oatley Academy. I had an opportunity to listen and interact with lots of great people. A lot of interesting things were said about how to make a career in visual story telling. Webcomics were often brought up as an excellent way to develop a personal project that may lead to bigger and better things.

Chris Oatley, former visual development artist for Disney and now the founder of the Oatley Academy is full of optimistic energy and boundless hope for the future. It is very energizing to hear him and his crew talk about the state of the art and storytelling industry. A podcast version of this live stream will be posted as a podcast later this week at www.OatleyAcademycom ( I think).

I am seriously considering taking a course there.

If you were also part of the live streaming, please tell us what you thought of the event here. And if I may be so bold, please tell me what you think of Space Pest Removal.

Thanks as always for reading.