Hey everyone,

This is tough… I am going to have to stop SPRcomics for the foreseeable future… possibly permanently.

Life is throwing too many curve balls at me at the moment to be able to do SPRcomics justice. I have too many other plates spinning at the same time and I feel that the writing of the comic has been suffering. I don’t want to stop. But certain other things in my life have to fall into place first.

My workload at my day job has increased significantly this year. Almost more than I can handle. I am also dealing with some health issues and other stresses.

And I am also entertaining the idea of creating other projects instead of SPR.

Also,¬†when I am more worried about viewer-ship than the comic itself, I think that doesn’t bode well to the quality of the work.

I am uncertain about my future in webcomics for the near future… but I have a feeling I will someday return.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to read SPR comic and all of the goofy adventures of Strad and Pelet. I learned a lot about making comics. I feel that I still need to learn a ton more about writing and ¬†about self promotion. But I enjoyed talking with you on Twitter and Facebook, meeting you at comic cons and just hanging out. There will be more.. of something… down the road.

I will still be posting here through my instagram feed www.instagram.com/richtoon. Please feel free to follow.

Goodbye for now.